Saturday, December 9, 2006

Report: Marquis to join Cubs

It appears that Jason Marquis will join the Cubs.

If you thought that paying Soriano $136 million over the next eight years or giving Lilly more than $40 million for the next four years was bad, wait till you hear what Hendry has agreed to pay Jason Marquis.

Though sources have been reporting figures between $20 and $28 million over the next three years, the Chicago Tribune announced Saturday that Marquis will join Lilly, Zambrano, and Hill in the rotation. Having to pay Izturis over $4 million next season doesn't seem too bad anymore, does it?

In any case, I still like the signing. I'm sick of worrying how much we're paying any of these players to come to Wrigley Field. The rotation needed help, and Marquis brings it. Sort of.

Marquis won 14 games last season, but finished with an ERA over 6, including a 3-10, 6.72 second-half. Marquis has shown some success in the past, however, posting a 15-7 record with a 3.71 ERA in 2004 and a 13-14 record, with a 4.13 ERA in 2005. Despite the fact that he's allowed an average of 30 homeruns per season over the last three years, Marquis has recorded almost 50% more groundouts than airouts in his career. Hopefully the thick grass at Wrigley Field will help him keep the bases empty when he does give up the homers.

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