Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Z first to thirteen

Another excellent start for the Cubs' ace.

We all know that Zambrano has been really good since June 6. We all know that Zambrano's been really, really good since June 6. He would've had to have been really, really good to be the league's first pitcher to thirteen wins. But even I was shocked when I saw exactly how good he's been.

In his last 10 starts, Zambrano has gone 8-2 with a 1.56 ERA and a 0.91 WHIP. He's allowed just 35 hits, while striking out 71 batters in 69.1 innings and he's 9/10 in quality starts. Which one wasn't the quality start? It was the game he was pulled after five innings because his team was up 9-0. In those five innings, Zambrano had allowed two hits.

What's even more surprising, perhaps, is the fact that Ted Lilly has been equal to task. Since Zambrano started his hot streak, the left-hander is 6-0 with a 2.94 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP. The combined numbers of the Cubs' 1-2 punch since June 6?

14-2 with a 2.13 ERA and a 0.97 WHIP.

For comparison, since that day, Peavy & Young have combined for 5-4, a 2.03 ERA, and a 1.06 WHIP. Penny & Lowe have combined for 7-4, a 3.01 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP.

In fact, Zambrano & Lilly have more wins than Peavy, Young, Penny, and Lowe all combined since June 6!

Lilly will try to make it 15-2 since June 6, when he takes on the Redbirds later today.

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