Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cubs continue to add mediocrity

This is irritating.

I don't understand why we continue to add mediocrity to the team and overpay for it.
The sooner Hendry understands that a player coming off of one good season does not deserve a multi-year, multi-million deal, the better off it would be. But, after numerous failures in the past, Hendry, unfortunately, hasn't learned.

Not only do we need to dish out $4 to Cesar Izturis next season, whose career on-base percentage is lower than both that of Patterson and Neifi Perez, now Mark DeRosa and his career .331 on-base percentage are owed $13 million in the next three years. Sure, DeRosa had a good season last year, but he was hitting in front of all of that power in the Rangers lineup. Prior to last season, DeRosa's career highs were 33 runs batted, 23 bases on balls, and 74 hits. DeRosa has has 21 homeruns over the past two years, but that's in Texas!

The most frustrating thing about this move is the fact that second base wasn't a main problem for next season. Center field remains a question mark as does the closer's spot, but the middle infield was covered by Theriot, Cedeno, and Izturis; we didn't need to add another weak bat at that price. But with only Carlos Zambrano and Rich Hill set for the rotation next year, the starting pitching should be the biggest concern! The free agent market in starting pitching is so rich this off-season, with guys like Schmidt, Zito, and Matsuzaka all looking for new teams; qll of the available funds should be spent there.

The signing of Kerry Wood also made me mad. Wood provided us with an average of two wins per season in the last couple of years, and we're paying him nearly $2 million? I suppose that's not as bad as the price tag on DeRosa and Izturis, because Wood actually has some talent, but if we were to bring back Kerry Wood after paying him well over $6 million per win (includes buyout) in the last two years, we shouldn't be paying him a penny over the league minimum.

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