Thursday, November 16, 2006

Looks like Hendry didn't learn

Last season, Jim Hendry thought that he could pull the wool over the Cubs fans' eyes by trading away two pitchers unknown to the average fan for Juan Pierre. While Pierre posted a .330 on-base percentage in one season before filing for free agency and possibly headed to the Giants, Nolasco and Pinto will be around the Marlins organization for quite some time. In fact, Nolasco already paid dividends, winning 11 games for the Marlins who had a serious shot at the playoffs down the stretch. Pinto is showing promise, he posted an 8-2 record for Alburqurque (AAA).

Hendry is back at it again, trying his best to deplete what once was a farm system rich of young quality arms. After somehow miraculously getting David Aardsma for LaTroy Hawkins, Hendry has traded Aardsma and Carlos Vazquez for Neal Cotts. Of course, the addition of Cotts makes Eyre expendable, but I'm not quite sure what you can get for Eyre that you couldn't have gotten with Aardsma and Vazquez.

Besides, Cotts is another mediocre player to join the team; in 54 innings last year, Cotts allowed 33 runs and 88 baserunners. Meanwhile, Aardsma, in his last 22 innings with the big club, allowed only nine hits and four earned runs, while fanning 24. Vazquez, who is only 23, posted a 6-5 record with Daytona (high-A) and West Tenn (AA). He had a combined 2.75 ERA and allowed just 65 hits while striking out 91 in 85 innings over 54 appearances.

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