Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If they don't care, then I sure as fuck don't

What the fuck was that?

Ronny Cedeno takes strike three to end the 14-inning game after every other Cub hitter swung at shit three feet over their heads. Lou Piniella doesn't like to play the guys in their right positions and so a pair of bullshit doubles past Theriot in right and Jones in left end up plating the deciding run.

I thought that nobody could be stupider than Dusty. While Lou hasn't reached the state of mental retardation as Baker, he's closely creeping up there. I understand that Lee made the final out of the 13th inning and I understand that Ward is your last position player, but you still don't take Derrek Lee out of the game. So what if Lee doesn't bat again? He brings so much to the game, his bat isn't the only asset.

And then Lou decides to run for Ward. Who was gonna play first base in the 15th, Lou? Jason Marquis?

Alfonso Soriano needs to stop acting like a pussy, everyone needs to stop swinging at shit over the heads and we need to stop losing games in which the opposing team strands 17 baserunners. I have no problem supporting and suffering with a losing team, but I do have a problem pouring out my emotions if the team itself doesn't give a shit.

It look me too long to figure that out last year, so I suppose I'll lucky that I'm realizing this now: the Cubs just don't give a shit. Ronny Cedeno and Aramis Ramirez didn't even look upset after the strikeout in the 14th and no one in the dugout so much as moved when Ward reached on the wind-blown double.

Will Ohman needs to go to Iowa, because he's bad. Wade Miller needs to go to Iowa, because he's bad. Ramirez, Cedeno, Jones, and Soriano also need to go to Iowa, so that they get a fucking wake-up call.

Give Walrond the fifth starter's job and call up Guzman. Murton, Pie and Coats can play the outfield and put Ryan Theriot at third base. They'll be bad, but they can't be any worse than the team as is right now. Atleast they'll try.

Until then, however, I'm done. I'm sick of this shit and I refuse to give a damn until things change. Again, let me make it clear that I'm not upset about the losing; I'm upset about the lack of effort.

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