Friday, April 13, 2007

Piniella can't make team care

After watching today's game against the Cincinnati Reds, I have recieved confirmation of something that I suspected for the entire first week of the season.

The effect of Dusty Baker has remained with the team, and even Lou Piniella can't make the team give a damn.

Whether it's Soriano being too lazy to return to first base on a pick off attempt or Will Ohman giving the other team two runs just for the hell of it, it's obvious that the team would rather sit on the bench and watch the game than actually play in it.

We're still trying to hit three-run homers with the bases empty, swinging for the fences with the wind blowing in, and the fundamentals of the game are not only okay to be ignored, but actually encouraged. The team as it is right now isn't winning and Lou needs to do something radical to get this team motivated. I've said all along that I will stand by a losing team, but I refuse to stand by a team that doesn't care.

Hmmm...I bet that the triple-A team would like to play in the major leagues. Certainly, they can't do any worse than the big club right now.

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