Friday, June 22, 2007

Molina was Cubs' primary target

Those of you expecting another move by Jim Hendry: stop.

Many speculated that Hendry wasn't done after shipping Michael Barrett away to the San Diego Padres. "What? Rob Bowen and Koyie Hill can't be our catchers?!?" they shouted, but it looks like Bowen and Hill are the options behind the plate for the year. That is, unless the team decides to promote Soto or Fox.

Why is this the case? Because the Cubs' main target was not Rob Bowen. It was Yadier Molina.

Before his last start against the Padres, Carlos Zambrano made some cryptic comments that scared some Cubs fans. Many tried to dismiss the comments as Carlos just being Carlos. It was easy to forget about it, but there was no real explanation as to why Zambrano said what he said. No real explanation until now.

When a reporter saw a pair of red catcher's shin guards in Zambrano's locker, the Cubs' ace responded by saying, "It's a gift from my new catcher, Yadier." He did not mention however whether it was he that was going to the Cardinals or Molina coming to the Cubs. Now, we know the answer.

This revelation also makes another thing crystal clear.

We all knew that a large part of the Barrett trade was because of the dugout incident on June 1 with Carlos Zambrano. We all knew that, even though Cubs' officials said it had nothing to do with the fight. Those of you that doubted it, there's proof. The Cubs went so far as to get Zambrano's opinion on shipping Barrett and probably told him that the main target in the deal was Yadier Molina.

It's not to say that Hendry won't make another deal now. But, the initial plan in motion was not one that involved Rob Bowen.

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