Saturday, June 2, 2007

Piniella ejected in 8th

When will TV broadcasters learn? It doesn't matter whether Pagan actually beat the tag. The ball beat him, he's out. Why show the replays?

After Angel Pagan, representing the tying run, doubled to lead off the eighth inning, he was thrown out at third base attempting to advance on a potential wild pitch. Mike Quade and Pagan immediately starting arguing Mark Wegner's call, but Lou Piniella quickly stole the stage. With a slam of the cap, Piniella was immediately ejected and several minutes and several kicks of the cap later, Piniella left the field.

Len and Bob brought up the point that Wegner was wearing dark sunglasses so all Piniella could see was his own reflection. Hmmm, I should think about that...

Perhaps Piniella was upset for the bone head move he made in the last half inning. Ohman's splits are no secret and I've mentioned it time and time again on this blog, but Lou decided to stick with him against a string of three righties, despite the fact that he had Howry up in the bullpen.

Nonetheless, I like that Piniella tried to fire up the team. His players weren't producing and he's not allowed to play himself, so this was the next best thing. Dusty was either too scared to do that or too lazy to get off of his ass.

Too bad the team is still lazy.

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