Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cubs playing like little leaguers

Are the Cubs ever going to win again? It certainly appears like the 25 guys on the team surely don't care if they ever do.

The approach used by the Cubs in the final two innings of the game after Hamilton's pinch-hit homer in the top of the eighth was nothing short of absolutely horrid.

Jared Burton and Dave Weathers pitched scoreless innings to close out the 11-9 decision against the Cubs, but they have the Cubs' offense to thank for that. In the eighth, Aramis Ramirez and Daryle Ward each tried to tie the game by hitting that miraculous two-run homer with the bases empty while Jake Fox truly looked like a minor league hitter, foolishly swinging and missing over and over again.

Matt Murton nearly fouled out on the first pitch of the ninth inning -- a fastball way up and out of the zone -- before rolling over a breaking ball harmlessly to the left side. Jacque Jones and Ryan Theriot contributed quality at-bats in the ninth but that wasn't enough as the Cubs once again failed to pick up ground on the Brewers, who lost.

Do these players not know how to count? You can't tie the game if you're down by two unless you put a man on base first!

The Cubs remain 1 1/2 games behind Milwaukee, but have now seen their lead over the Cardinals shrink to just 2 games. With Chicago and the Brewers continuing to struggle the way they have been, St. Louis has got to like their chances.

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