Saturday, May 26, 2007

I saw it coming...

Worst part is, I'm not that devasted by this. I half-expected it.

The Cubs scored 7 times in the top of the seventh inning to cap a comeback and eventually take an 8-5 lead. I thought our bullpen would blow it in bottom of the seventh, but when Wuertz threw a perfect 7th, I felt confident. Instead, we Cubbed up the game in the 8th.

I knew Bobby had been struggling this year, but I didn't think that Bobby would blow another one. Not this way. But, after the lead-off single to Russ Martin, I felt four runs scoring. It almost seems like there's more pressure on with runners on base, even if it isn't the tying or go-ahead run. I would've preferred Martin homered to lead off the 8th.

It was the right move to turn to Bobby in the 8th. We needed him to rebound, and he is, after all, our 8th inning man. But that was the final straw; it's time to start thinking about switching some roles in the bullpen.

Michael Wuertz has a 1.80 ERA, a .197 average against, and most importantly hasn't blown a save yet...

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