Friday, May 18, 2007

Piniella promises change

Before the Cubs' Friday afternoon matchup against the White Sox, manager Lou Piniella jokingly called himself the worst manager in baseball, because he was unable to hold a four-run lead the night before.

Piniella made all the right moves though. Dempster had to come into that ballgame when he did because of the magnitude of that game and the short bullpen. He had to bring in Scott Eyre to face Shawn Green, even though he knew David Wright was on the bench, because Delgado followed Green.

Piniella then went on and promised the Chicago media that come Monday or Tuesday, he would do things that would surprise a few people, but wouldn't get into specifics. The fact that he wanted to wait until Monday or Tuesday leads me to believe that this involves the health of Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa, and/or Angel Guzman. Hmmm...perhaps Guzman will play center field and Lee will bat eighth and play right field. Okay, maybe not.

Whatever the revolutionary change may be, I'm looking forward to it. The team as is is not producing results. I was calling for a change of large magnitudes earlier, so I'm excited to see how Piniella will shake up the team. Whatever he does, the team can't get any worse.

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