Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lou tries to play matchups

Lou Piniella stacked Wednesday night's lineup with all right-handed hitters, with the exception of pitcher Sean Marshall. Now, I understand that he wants to get right handers in against David Wells, but Lou could've spent ten seconds and looked at Boomer's splits.

Over the last three full seasons, lefties are hitting 119-384 (.320) against Wells, while righties are 401-1432 (.280). This year, the splits are even more drastic as lefties are hitting nearly .400 against the Padres' pitcher, but Piniella went ahead and went out of his way to put in righties.

Sean Marshall was called up yesterday to make the start today. To me, that seems like a waste. Couldn't we have kept Cotts in the bullpen for yesterday's game, just in case? We weren't gonna use Marshall yesterday, so why call him up?

Also, I understand that Lou is not resting on his laurels and trying to send a message that he's not okay with where the team stands right now. But, Lou should be fucking with the guys that are not producing! Instead, Piniella pushed Ted Lilly, who has 8 quality starts, by two days, to throw Sean Marshall for the hell of it.

Hopefully, he knows something I don't.

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