Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday's loss not Eyre's fault

I'm sick of all these people that pretend to know and understand the game of baseball.

Did Eyre throw the ball poorly on Monday? Yes. Did Piniella leave him out there too long? Potentially. Did Eyre's poor performance cost us the game on Sunday? Yes. Did Eyre's performance cost us the game on Monday? Absolutely not.

For those of you that are thinking, "Wait a sec, but we scored three times in the ninth," think about the situation for a second! If you are still thinking the same thing, then you shouldn't be watching baseball. You've proven that you can count to three, that's about it.

Wait, you've also proven that you have no capability of any complex thought.

Marlins' closer Kevin Gregg sat down after the Marlins added the fifth run. Had the score been 3-0 (or even 4-0) going into the ninth inning, Gregg would've been there from the start. Replay the inning: do DeRosa and Theriot really reach against Gregg? Probably not, but that's exactly the point: we don't know! The game very well could've ended 3-0.

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